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The IceMusic Festival, aesthetics music and nature melt together in Geilo

February 21, 2013 Leave a comment

The IceMusic Festival, aesthetics music and nature melt together in Geilo

The IceMusic Festival, Geilo – where aesthetics, music and nature melt together.
The Ice Music Festival is a festival where everything is made exlusively from snow and ice. The IceMusic Festival is a unique, artistic and musical project that takes place annually at the first full moon of the year. This festival is tribute to art and nature, and to one of the most important recourses in the world – water.
Frozen water.
The festival venue is located near Geilotjødnet at Kikut, 4 km south of Geilo. All premises are set by the nature, with the majestic mountain landscape of Hallingdal as it’s surrounding scenery.
The weather is essential for the Ice Music Festival. The quality of the ice depends on the winter conditions and the sound of it vary as the temperature differs. Therefore, every concert is a unique experience. The festival is in the mercy of the nature where the moon decides the time and the weather decides the music.
The IceMusic Festival gathers artistic expressions that all share a connection to ice.
Art, architecture, dance, photo, design, sculptures and music.The IceMusic Festival is a meeting point for artists and audience to experiment, develop and to be inspired.
Expect the unexpected. The moment is now!