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“Love Letters of Great Women” edited by Ursula Doyle

Love Letters of Great women edited by Ursula Doyle

Love is written in many different forms. This compilation of love letters range from lustful fantasies and re-tellings of erotic encounters to pure, fervent passion and are written by some of the greatest women throughout history.
A collection of astonishing love letters filled with longing and passion, documenting private accounts of love and relationships lost and found. Each letter has been written by a great woman from history, with such contributors as Emily Dickinson, Queen Victoria and Anne Boleyn.
One beautiful extract from a 1712 letter from Mary Wortley Montagu to her husband-to-be before their elopement states, ‘I tremble for what we are doing. Are you sure you will love me forever? I fear, and I hope’.
Another from Katherine of Aragon, in her last letter to Henry VIII writes; ‘Lastly, I do vow that mine eyes desire you above all things.’
Written as an accompaniment to the famous ‘Love Letters of Great Men’ which was featured during the first Sex and the City film.
Edited by Ursula Doyle, who also offers commentary on each of the letters.
From the private papers of Anne Boleyn and Emily Dickinson to those of Empress Josephine and Queen Victoria, Love Letters of Great Women is an anthology of some of the most romantic letters in history.
As a companion to Love Letters of Great Men, this collection gives the other side of the story: the secret hopes and lives of some of the greatest women in history, from writers and artists to politicians and queens. Includes letters by:
Anne Boleyn * Edith Wharton * Mary Wordsworth * Nell Gwyn (mistress of Charles II) * Queen Victoria * the Empress Josephine * Mary Wollstonecraft * Katherine Mansfield * George Sand
Praise for Love Letters of Great Men:
‘The most romantic book ever’ Daily Mail
‘Inspired by the Sex and the City movie… Famous men caught with pen in hand and heart in mouth’ The Times

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