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“The Gentlemen’s Clubs of London” by Anthony Lejeune, Stacey International Publishers

The Gentlemen's Clubs of London
London’s Pall Mall and St. James’s Street are home to dozens of clubs for the English gentleman: comfortable havens filled with gleaming brass and polished mahogany, commodious leather armchairs, and service of a kind not found anywhere else. At the turn of the century, there were more than 200 of these elegant all-male bastions. Today, there are fewer than 50, although smaller, more inclusive clubs appear to be on the rise. Filled with history, anecdotes, and a raft of b&w & color photographs, this book profiles nearly 50 such establishments–from Buck’s (whose first barman concocted an intriguing mixture of champagne and orange juice called Buck’s Fizz) to the Reform Club (chosen by Jules Verne as the setting for the famous wager in Around the World in 80 Days). It stands as an affectionate tribute to an arcane tradition that figured prominently in centuries of British history and still survives in altered form today. 8 1/2″ x 12″. B&W and some color photos.
First published in 1979, Lejeune’s The Gentlemen’s Clubs of London rapidly establised itself as a widely sought-after and quoted work around the world among those intrigued by and participating in the rarefied world of the famous clubs of London society. Extensively updated, the book lays forth the histories of the clubs, why and how each came into being, who belongs and belonged to which, how members are chosen, and how the clubs have changed down the generations – if indeed they have. This work tells of the ambience and grace of the clubs, their privacies and eccentricities, and of the yarns, disputes and scandals to which they have given rise. Here are new and archival photographs of the clubs’ interiors, ranging from the elegant to the snug, premises which are sometimes secret and quirky and sometimes grand, each unique and fitting the character and contributing to the needs and lives of its members.
“The Gentlemen’s Clubs of London” by Anthony Lejeune
ISBN 0880290234 (ISBN13: 9780880290234)

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